NLJC Notebook

NLJC notebook

Available in White

Price: $4.00

NLJC Drawstring Bag

Black drawstring bag with white NLJC crest.

Price: $3.50 each

NLJC Sunglasses

Black sunglasses with NLJC crest and name etched in white.

Price: $2.00 each

NLJC Color Changing Sunglasses

Sunglasses with the NLJC crest that appear to be white but change to blue when in the sun

Price: $2.00 each

NLJC Flashlight

Flashlights (green in color) with “National League of Junior Cotillions” and NLJC crest imprinted on the back

Price: $1.50 each

NLJC Koozies

Available in Green

Price: $1.50

NLJC Logo Cups

Available in Green or White

Price: $1.00

NLJC Frosted Clear Cups

Clear cup with Green logo

Price: $1.00

NLJC Orbitz Tumbler with logo

Orbitz Tumbler with logo

Price: $5.60

NLJC Green Water Bottle

Price: $2.50

Earbuds with logo

Available in White

Price: $2.00


NLJC Gift Bags

Available in Green

Price: $1.50

NLJC Pop Socket

White Pop Socket with NLJC crest that can be used as a phone grip or stand

Price: $1.50

NLJC Fidget Spinner

Black fidget spinner with white NLJC crest in the center

Price: $1.50

NLJC Writing Pens

Green writing pens with the NLJC crest

Price: $1.50

NLJC Tumbler with Straw

Clear Plastic tumbler with a black NLJC crest and straw

Price: $3.50

NLJC Cooler Bag

Green and beige insulated cooler bag with NLJC crest

Price: $6.50

White Mini Tote Bag

White, miniature tote bag with black NLJC crest

Price: $4.00

NLJC Logo Stickers

Sticker with NLJC logo

Price: $1.00

Small NLJC Logo Magnet

Small sized magnet with NLJC logo

Price: $4.00

Large NLJC Logo Magnet

Large sized magnet with the NLJC logo

Price: $10.00