Pre-Cotillion (Grades K-4)

Our Pre-Cotillion Program is designed for grades K-4. In addition to the usual courtesies including – greetings, table manners, correspondence and appearances – we also offer instruction in the area of birthday parties, sports, restaurants and the values of honor, respect, dignity, honesty and responsibility. We teach through role playing – practiced with our mascot, Mr. Peanuts, the Polite Elephant, Pierre our Super Polite Panda, or Fernando the Friendly Frog – as we provide hands on experience and story telling in a peer group setting. Young ladies and gentlemen are expected to leave the program with the beginnings of confidence and poise that come from knowing the proper things to do.

Pre-Cotillion is offered at these chapters:

south_riding     purcellville     lansdowne     brambleton     creighton

Junior Cotillion (Grades 5-7)

The first year of Junior Cotillion is for students in grade 5 and the second year is for grades 6 & 7. Junior Cotillion meets once a month for an hour and a half class during the fall and spring.   Etiquette training will involve table manners, cell phone etiquette, thank you notes, responding to invitations, introductions and greeting, receiving lines, polite conversation, paying and receiving compliments, sports etiquette, dress codes for all occasions, manners in the home, escorting and seating a lady. We will also teach and practice the basics of Ballroom Dance. The 6th and 7th grade Junior Cotillion Program will culminate in a five course instructional dinner.

Junior Cotillion is offered at these chapters:

south_riding     ashburn     purcellville     lansdowne     brambleton

creighton     trump     potomac

8th Grade

The Eighth Grade Cotillion Program or “Premiere Program” builds upon the etiquette skills learned in Junior Cotillion and gives the students the opportunity to go out into the community and practice! For those students who have not yet participated in Cotillion, we will hold a free crash course class in etiquette and ballroom dance in October.

In the program itself, our eighth grade students will participate in a reception with hors d’oeuvres to be followed by a professional theatre production. Other events include a restaurant outing to practice ordering from a menu,  classroom time with international and business etiquette guidelines, and a Grand Ball with a five course dinner. This program will meet in October, November, January, February, and March. All classes are held at Belmont Country Club.


High School Cotillion (Grades 9-12)

The High School Cotillion Program presents a diversified collection of events to allow the students to experience demanding social situations. Before our children begin college life and enter into the real business world, we want to prepare them for job interviews, networking, meeting and dining with people they would like to impress in a positive way. We hold most of our events within Loudoun County and are proud of the fact that we support a variety of local businesses including restaurants, theatre groups, and non-profit organizations. Some of the events have included networking in the business world, how to prepare for job interviews, a night with the Loudoun Symphony, how to dress for success, and a Moonlight Dinner Cruise on the Potomac! Our events will change from year to year, however we will always refresh and hone the skills of dining, networking, polite conversation and what it means to be a person of honor, dignity and respect.

(For those students who have not yet participated in Cotillion, we will hold a free crash course class in etiquette and ballroom dance in October.)


Debutante (Grades 10-12)

Our Debutante program (young ladies ages 15-18) is designed to promote leadership skills and provide them with a show stopping bullet point for their resumes. We want our Debutantes to find friends for life as they serve the community and each other. As they plan and orchestrate projects such as The Senior Citizen Ball, 5K for Breast Cancer, gathering clothing for the Good Shepherd Alliance they will practice public speaking and organizational and leadership skills. We want the Debutantes to step out of their comfort zone, to value work and think positive!  Workshops, social activities, and community service events will culminate in a dinner and Debutante Ball, during which Debutantes will be introduced individually and perform a choreographed waltz (with their fathers) and fox trot (with their escorts).