Pre-Cotillion Program™: K – 4th Grade

What is Pre-Cotillion Program™?

The Pre-Cotillion Program™ setting will encourage children to be comfortable together, to make new friends and enjoy themselves. Through role-playing, hands-on experience and storytelling in a peer group young ladies and gentlemen are expected to leave the program with the beginnings of confidence and pose that come from knowing the proper things to do.

Who is eligible to participate?

Pre-cotillion is designed for students in the first – fourth grades.

What skills will my child learn in Pre-Cotillion Program™?

Pre-Cotillion I


First-Second Grade

  • Manners in the home
  • Being introduced and shaking hands
  • Paying and receiving compliments
  • Birthday Party etiquette
  • Basic table manners

Pre-Cotillion II


Third-Fourth Grade

  • Greeting and shaking hand
  • Rules of introductions
  • Sports etiquette
  • Fast Food etiquette
  • More advanced table manners
  • Basic line dance

How do I enroll my child?

For more information regarding Pre-Cotillion Program™ offerings, please use the “Find A Chapter” map to locate an NLJC director near you.

“Love the reinforcement my son gets from the Cotillion program . . . He shows great manners and character in every activity he participated in AND that it does not go unnoticed.

A Pre-Cotillion Parent