National League of Junior Cotillions
Pre-Cotillion Program™: 1st – 4th Grades

What is the National League of Junior Cotillions Pre-Cotillion Program™?

The Pre-Cotillion Program setting will encourage children to be comfortable together, to make new friends and enjoy themselves. Through role-playing, hands-on experience and storytelling in a peer group young ladies and gentlemen will leave the program with the beginnings of confidence and poise that come from knowing the appropriate behavior in a number of age appropriate experiences.

Who is eligible to participate?

Pre-Cotillion Program is designed for students in the first – fourth grades.

What skills will my child learn in Pre-Cotillion Program?

Pre-Cotillion I


First-Second Grade

  • Manners in the home
  • Being introduced and shaking hands
  • Paying and receiving compliments
  • Birthday Party etiquette
  • Basic table manners

Pre-Cotillion II


Third-Fourth Grade

  • Greeting and shaking hand
  • Rules of introductions
  • Sports etiquette
  • Fast Food etiquette
  • More advanced table manners
  • Basic line dance

How do I enroll my child?

For more information regarding Pre-Cotillion Program offerings, please use the “Find A Chapter” map to locate an NLJC® director near you.

“Love the reinforcement my son gets from the Cotillion program . . . He shows great manners and character in every activity he participated in AND that it does not go unnoticed.

A Pre-Cotillion Parent