(CHARLOTTE, NC) – Simu Liu, selected for his excellent display of dignified character when in the public eye and for his positive influence on children and young adults both on and off the movie and tv screen, heads “Ten Best- Mannered People” list published by the National League of Junior Cotillions® (NLJC).

“These selections are made based on each person’s commitment to honor, dignity, and mannerly conduct,” says President, Charles Winters. “We feel these ten individuals have distinguished themselves through admirable character and conduct, and we commend them for their ongoing contributions to society.”

The top “Ten Best-Mannered People” are:

  1. Simu Liu – for his outstanding display of grace and determination in aspiring to reach his goals while facing moments of uncertainty.
  2. Robin Roberts– for her level of poise in the media spotlight and goal of maintaining manners and etiquette in social settings.
  3. Harold Varner III– for emphasizing the importance of strong character and sportsmanship among fellow athletes and friends and for giving back through the HV3 Foundation to provide affordable access to youth in sports.
  4. Ryan Reynolds – for upholding charisma and kindness as both a father and actor.
  5. Katie Ledecky – for highlighting the importance of hard work and humility as a major world competitor.
  6. Yo-Yo Ma Copeland – for upholding grace and poise as a renowned and highly esteemed musician.
  7. Millie Bobby Brown– for developing a professional and influential reputation within the celebrity spotlight at such a young age.
  8. Sydney McLaughlin– for her dignified attitude on the world stage and her strong leadership that both inspires and motivates fans.
  9. Larry Fitzgerald Jr.– for not only displaying excellence while on the football field, but also his dedication to his teammates, fans, and numerous charitable causes.
  10. Anne Hathaway- for her prioritization of not only upholding grace and self-esteem, but also educating others on the importance of maintaining strong character and etiquette skills.

The National League of Junior Cotillions is proud to honor and recognize Michael Frogge, former Junior Cotillion student of the Northern Guilford Chapter.  Michael has upheld the pillars of honor, dignity, and respect as a student athlete at Wake Forest University.  NLJC is delighted to see students just like Michael become leaders and influential members within their communities.

Each year, Cotillion students and Directors nationwide nominate numerous individuals for the “Ten  Best-Mannered People” award. NLJC® strives to recognize the individuals that students look to as frontrunners in social etiquette, all-encompassing manners, and overall, with strong and replicable leadership qualities. These traits are the essence of the NLJC curriculum and foundational components that are embedded within the Junior Cotillion curriculum which has served over 50,000 students to date.

Because of the lasting impacts that this program has made on students all over the country, NLJC is currently seeking Directors nationwide to expand into new and available territories across the country. Each chapter is an independent franchise operated by a local Director. Our next New Director Training will take place in February of 2022 in Charlotte, NC and provides applicants with the opportunity to get an inside look at the National League of Junior Cotillions distinguished programs. For more information, email [email protected] or call 1-800-633-7947.

NOTE: To schedule an interview with Charles Winters, NLJC President, call (704) 301-7035 or email [email protected].