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Everyday Etiquette: How to Have a Successful Grocery Store Experience

We have all had an experience at the grocery store that has been less than enjoyable. Often, the busyness of many individuals shopping in a crowded grocery store can be overwhelming and even frustrating. One way to reduce the likelihood of contributing to the chaos is by recognizing the need for proper etiquette.


The initial stress […]

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Hosting a Gathering in the Age of Social Distancing

Despite the current circumstance that we find ourselves in we still crave community and time with close friends and family. But how do you create a safe environment for people to socialize while emphasizing social distancing? We have a few ideas to help you navigate a safe and fun gathering that is sure to cultivate […]

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Easy Etiquette for Virtual Meetings

It is time for a virtual meeting! Whether the call is via Zoom, Google Classroom, GoToMeeting, or another digital meeting platform, the same, basic etiquette should be upheld. Displaying strong manners indicates your ability to be professional in addition to your ability to stay focused and make the most of your meeting time, even if […]

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Fourth of July- How to Make Your Holiday Memorable

While things certainly look different during this time, it is still possible to celebrate the Fourth of July well. Social distancing can be a tricky obstacle to navigate but nevertheless this July fourth you and your family still have the opportunity to celebrate.


In the past, you may have spent the 4th with a large group […]

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How to be a More Kind Communicator

Now, more than ever, it is so important to be mindful of how we speak to others. Is it edifying or unconstructive? The National League of Junior Cotillions strives to make kindness the standard. This is a value that we equip students to hold as foundational as well! But what does that look like? Read […]

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The Importance of Upholding Proper Social Media Etiquette

Social media is a hot topic in today’s society. Some love accessing social media in their daily lives while others avoid contact with it at all costs. While opinions and interests my vary regarding the topic of social media, if you are going to utilize this tool it is important to keep manners a part […]

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Everyday Etiquette: The Correct Way to Send a Professional Email

In today’s age, a vast majority of professional communication takes place through emails. Furthermore, sometimes your initial contact with someone may be by sending them an email. No matter the reason for the correspondence, it is so important to set yourself up for success by creating a profile of professionalism and sophistication that is highly […]

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Instructions for Leaving a Proper Voicemail

We have all had an experience where we have called someone, and they were unable to answer. But were you prepared to leave a proper message when being prompted to leave a voicemail? While it can be nerve-racking and cause us to fumble our words, mastering the art of a well-articulated voicemail can say a […]

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Dining Etiquette for a Happy Holiday Dinner

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and holiday manners. The month of December is full of excitement and anticipation. You are likely to attend several festivities. One of these events might even require you to utilize proper dining etiquette. Keep reading to brush up on your dining manners just in time for your big holiday […]

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Manners Matter Even in Times of Travel

The holidays are much closer than we think, which means that it is a busy time for travel. While the idea of facing a crowded airport with hundreds of other travelers may seem unsettling, minding your manners can help alleviate stress for yourself and those around you!
A simple, yet pivotal, way to avoid any […]

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