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Everyday Etiquette: The Correct Way to Send a Professional Email

In today’s age, a vast majority of professional communication takes place through emails. Furthermore, sometimes your initial contact with someone may be by sending them an email. No matter the reason for the correspondence, it is so important to set yourself up for success by creating a profile of professionalism and sophistication that is highly […]

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Instructions for Leaving a Proper Voicemail

We have all had an experience where we have called someone, and they were unable to answer. But were you prepared to leave a proper message when being prompted to leave a voicemail? While it can be nerve-racking and cause us to fumble our words, mastering the art of a well-articulated voicemail can say a […]

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Dining Etiquette for a Happy Holiday Dinner

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and holiday manners. The month of December is full of excitement and anticipation. You are likely to attend several festivities. One of these events might even require you to utilize proper dining etiquette. Keep reading to brush up on your dining manners just in time for your big holiday […]

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Manners Matter Even in Times of Travel

The holidays are much closer than we think, which means that it is a busy time for travel. While the idea of facing a crowded airport with hundreds of other travelers may seem unsettling, minding your manners can help alleviate stress for yourself and those around you!
A simple, yet pivotal, way to avoid any […]

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Tips & Tricks For Giving an Excellent Toast

Have you ever given a toast? Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or other exciting celebration, a well thought toast truly highlights one’s wit and thoughtfulness. Giving a toast is synonymous for giving a gift, especially if it is well thought out and meaningful to the recipient. While it may seem overwhelming at first, there […]

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Back to School & Back to Healthy Habits

It is inevitably that time of year which is quite bittersweet. The end of the summer means it is time to press pause on pool days and adjust to a busy, school schedule. While this may seem hectic and exhausting, it is also a time to start completely fresh start which allows one to adapt […]

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Travel Etiquette

Have you ever had an unpleasant travel experience?  From loud cell phones to overbearing tour groups and even nagging photo ops, it can be difficult to know how to behave during travel. Minding your manners on vacations may seem mundane, however it is astoundingly important in making your experience significantly more enjoyable.
Potentially the most hectic […]

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How to Operate Social Media While Minding Your Manners

In today’s culture, social media is ultimately an incredible tool. Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter have become primary sources for news and current events. Instagram allows individuals who live on opposite sides of the world to share their lives with each other through photos. While these social media sources act as beneficial communication channels, […]

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When to Wear What: A Guide to Semi-Formal and Formal Dress

Knowing when to wear what to an event can be quite confusing. Between the words black tie, white tie, formal, and semi-formal, it is often difficult to distinguish between each of these terms. But despite how similar they may seem, each standard of dress has its own unique requirements. It is critical to decipher between […]

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Simple Steps to Perfect Your Interview Skills

In today’s society, the standard for success in the job market is “A good education, good connections, and a good suit.” But without a perfect balance of superior interview skills and essential etiquette, you have no way of standing out in a pool of worthy candidates. Presenting yourself in a graceful yet dignified manner allows […]

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