It seems like much longer than a little over a year that we adapted our lifestyles in hopes of successfully combatting the unforeseen COVID-19 virus. As we work towards a strong recovery and hopefully a close to this astonishing chapter, we must pause and reflect on how to move forward with grace and kindness. As we reintroduce gatherings and celebratory outings in the coming weeks and months, it is pivotal to prioritize efficient etiquette skills during these times.

While the pandemic has impacted people differently, it is of utmost importance to be respectful of people’s varying preferences. This means prioritizing the spectrum of comfort levels at any given gathering. Before sitting next to someone, reaching to shake their hand, or giving a hug, politely ask if it is okay. While this may seem strange, it highlights that you care about valuing other’s likings.

Also, when planning and coordinating events be sure to allow for lots of space for your guests. Some may not be comfortable being in close proximity to others. Similarly, make sure you are providing hand sanitizer and other means of hand washing to ensure that all necessary precautions are being taken. Be mindful of any hesitations that might arise as a result of food, activities, and other details that you, the host, have planned ahead of time.

Conversely, if you are a guest at an event or party that appears to be out of your comfort zone, be sure to focus on being understanding and forgiving. Additionally, if you recognize your comfort level does not match the event at hand, politely decline your invitation while extending gratitude for the invitation to the event. As we return to these gathering it is important to be gracious as a guest and a host in working to accommodate those around you.

Junior Cotillion classes help teach students these values. Moreover, chapters nationwide will resume traditional classes while keeping in mind the comfort levels of student and parents and aligning with both the CDC and local government’s guidelines. If you are interested in enrolling a student in a local chapter, visit our website today and join the nation’s leader in character education.