Have you ever had an awkward or uncomfortable experience when taking the elevator? Often, these encounters can be completely avoided simply by applying etiquette skills.  As many return to travel, the workplace, and other public places, it is important to refresh yourself on proper etiquette when using an elevator.

It is likely that you have found yourself in a scenario where you struggle to quickly know whether you should rush to hold the elevator door for someone who is approaching. It is important to keep in mind those around you in these situations. While it is certainly kind to hold the door for others who are trying to get on, it is inappropriate to delay others who are already on the elevator. While this is not always the case, use your best discretion and priorities the attitudes and time of others.

Because the space within an elevator is so confined, avoid taking up too much space. Your greatest concern should likely be to make sure that you are prioritizing the space being distributed evenly. Additionally, always make sure that you are facing the elevator doors. This allows you to ensure that you are respecting those around you and eliminating the chances of creating discomfort and prioritizing those around you.

When communicating in an elevator keep your remarks brief yet polite. To avoid confusion and frustration tell the other riders what level you will be exiting to ensure that the button is pushed. Additionally, never enter an elevator on the phone. You should always end these conversations prior to stepping on.

Finally, when exiting the elevator avoid creating too much of a calamity. Again, be mindful of others’ space and skillfully maneuver yourself and your belongings out of the elevator. Another way to dodge issues is by announcing, politely, that your stop is approaching. This grants the opportunity for others to swiftly adjust and clear a path for exit.