We have all been at gatherings with guest who are actively insinuating, both in verbal and nonverbal capacities, their distaste for being at a particular event. While this is poor etiquette overall, it can also make the experience less exciting for others as well. Entering into the spirit of the party is important because not only does it influence your attitude, but it also has an impactful effect on the mood of those around you and leave a last impression on the entire event.

But what does entering into the spirit of the party even mean? While not all parties or other events appeal to all in the same way, it is important to keep the appearance of having an enjoyable time. The host, guest of honor, or whoever around you deserves to enter a room of overwhelming celebration as opposed to a gloom and doom attitude. Put on a smile, engage those around you, and make the most of the moment!

Moreover, it is important to be uplifting in your speech throughout the duration of the event. Ill-mannered talk not only brings down the temperament of the party, but it also makes a lasting impression on those around you. So before you attend your next event keep in mind how your attitude can have lasting implications.

Entering into the spirit of the party is a topic that Junior Cotillion students learn within their first class. This helps set the posture for classes and balls not only for the entire season, but also sets the precedent for how students should always behave at all parties and events. How will you approach you next party or event?