Awards Season is officially upon us, and this week, the 58th Grammy Awards honored the year’s top musical artists. While all of the recipients were abundantly grateful for their recognition, we would like to thank the following artists for their exceptional conduct both on and off stage and for setting a great example for others while in the spotlight.

Taylor Swift – We applaud Miss Swift for being gracious in her acceptance speeches and for addressing a recent conflict with tact and courage. We also love her genuine enthusiasm in celebrating and congratulating other award winners.

Adele – While not a Grammy nominee this year, we appreciated how gracefully Adele handled an audio malfunction and her overall elegance and poise throughout the entire evening.

Chris Stapleton – We loved the genuine kindness with which Mr. Stapleton accepted his recognition for Best Country Album. He was calm, poised, and collected on stage throughout his acceptance speech. If only we could all appear so relaxed under pressure!

Congratulations to all of the Grammy Award winners and nominees this year. We look forward to spotting the best-mannered celebrities at each upcoming award show this season, so stay tuned!