Between the increase in digital accessibility and unprecedented times, your next job interview will likely be through a digital platform such as Zoom. Are you ready? There are several tips and tricks that are prospective to make your next virtual job interview a success.

Whether it is Zoom, Google Teams, Skype, or a different platform, it is crucial to test the source to avoid entering the interview late or missing the interview entirely. Learn how to manage your camera, volume, and other settings ahead of time to avoid stress and mishaps.

Next, it is important to practice responses to questions that are most common. While you don’t want to sound rigid and rehearsed, you do want to sound prepared and confident. This posture is derived through setting aside time to consider these questions, assess yourself, and prepare with lots of ideas of how you would give a strong response.

Even though you are not actually in the same room as your interviewer, you should dress as though you were. Not only does this communicate what it needs to the interviewer, but it can also help bolster your confidence and professionalism. Remember, it is always better to be over-dressed as opposed to being under-dressed.

While interviews may be stressful it is important to be yourself. Avoid providing the you think they want to hear, but rather prioritize showing the interviewer more of yourself. Your odds of scoring the job are higher if you present yourself wholeheartedly rather than a version that appears to have it all together. This allows you to make a lasting impression and ultimately a connection that will make you memorable.

Finally, always be sure to follow up after the virtual meeting ends. Send a brief and polished email to the person or group of individuals that interviewed you. This should be sent within 24 hours of the close of the meeting.

With the right attitude, skills, and preparation, online interviews can seem less daunting and can leave you feeling optimistic even after the virtual call ends.