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Minding Manners While Resuming Gatherings and Celebrations

It seems like much longer than a little over a year that we adapted our lifestyles in hopes of successfully combatting the unforeseen COVID-19 virus. As we work towards a strong recovery and hopefully a close to this astonishing chapter, we must pause and reflect on how to move forward with grace and kindness. As […]

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Sports Etiquette

The beginning of spring also signifies the start of spring sports and all the excitement that they have to offer. But what are sports without proper sportsmanship? The values of honor, dignity, and respect go far beyond school, the workplace, or other places in the community. Having proper etiquette is something that you can even […]

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Teaching the Value of Strong Leadership in the Home

As a parent, it seems that the most important thing that you can do for your children is teach them strong values that they can carry through life. But how does one do this? While there isn’t a step-by-step book explaining how and ensuring success, we have a few ideas to keep in mind when […]

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Ten Best-Mannered People 2020


            (CHARLOTTE, NC) – Keanu Reeves, selected for emphasizing the value of pursuing a strong sense of leadership and dignity by consistently advocating for others and their rights, heads “Ten Best-Mannered People” list published by the National League of Junior Cotillions® (NLJC).

“These selections are made based on each person’s […]

A 2020 Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

As this year comes to a close, it is so important to take time to extend love and appreciation to those who made this past year special. Deciding who to gift, what to gift, and how can be difficult to figure out. While everyone has a different perspective on gifting, there are a few overarching […]

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Everyday Etiquette: How to Have a Successful Grocery Store Experience

We have all had an experience at the grocery store that has been less than enjoyable. Often, the busyness of many individuals shopping in a crowded grocery store can be overwhelming and even frustrating. One way to reduce the likelihood of contributing to the chaos is by recognizing the need for proper etiquette.


The initial stress […]

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Hosting a Gathering in the Age of Social Distancing

Despite the current circumstance that we find ourselves in we still crave community and time with close friends and family. But how do you create a safe environment for people to socialize while emphasizing social distancing? We have a few ideas to help you navigate a safe and fun gathering that is sure to cultivate […]

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Easy Etiquette for Virtual Meetings

It is time for a virtual meeting! Whether the call is via Zoom, Google Classroom, GoToMeeting, or another digital meeting platform, the same, basic etiquette should be upheld. Displaying strong manners indicates your ability to be professional in addition to your ability to stay focused and make the most of your meeting time, even if […]

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Fourth of July- How to Make Your Holiday Memorable

While things certainly look different during this time, it is still possible to celebrate the Fourth of July well. Social distancing can be a tricky obstacle to navigate but nevertheless this July fourth you and your family still have the opportunity to celebrate.


In the past, you may have spent the 4th with a large group […]

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How to be a More Kind Communicator

Now, more than ever, it is so important to be mindful of how we speak to others. Is it edifying or unconstructive? The National League of Junior Cotillions strives to make kindness the standard. This is a value that we equip students to hold as foundational as well! But what does that look like? Read […]

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