We have all had an experience at the grocery store that has been less than enjoyable. Often, the busyness of many individuals shopping in a crowded grocery store can be overwhelming and even frustrating. One way to reduce the likelihood of contributing to the chaos is by recognizing the need for proper etiquette.


The initial stress of having to get groceries starts by not having a plan. Before even leaving to go to the store, make sure you have a precise plan for what you need to get. Articulate a detailed list. Whether it is on paper or your phone, having this allows you to stay focused and make sure nothing gets left behind, forcing you to make another trip.


Next, be mindful when in the parking lot of the grocery store. Be aware of pedestrians, grocery store workers, and miscellaneous shopping carts that might be in your path. Depending on when you decide to go to the grocery store, it might be best to pick a parking spot that is farther away from the storefront to avoid the hassle of competing with others to earn a prime spot.

When entering the store, if there are large amounts of people waiting for an attendant to distribute carts, wait patiently for your cart. Do not pass others in the line. This is the standard that should be upheld during your entire visit.


While in the aisles or certain sections of the store, be aware of the placement of your shopping cart. Are you blocking someone’s path or hiding merchandise on shelves? Attempt to be aware of these things as you maneuver throughout the store.  Additionally, be mindful of how much time you are spending in a particular spot. Others are likely wanting to look at the same thing you are. Be respectful to those individuals.


When making your way to checkout, again, do not try to race and beat others. Wait for your turn. When reaching the cashier be courtesy and show your gratitude for their help. Always avoid interrupting or being distracting by being on the phone while paying. Once you have completed the transaction say “Thank you,” then move along so that the next person can be helped.


While visiting the grocery store is a common activity that most carry out regularly, doing so politely and courteously is often unheard of. The next time you need to run to the store recall these tips for how to navigate your shopping experience, well.