Despite the current circumstance that we find ourselves in we still crave community and time with close friends and family. But how do you create a safe environment for people to socialize while emphasizing social distancing? We have a few ideas to help you navigate a safe and fun gathering that is sure to cultivate community and excellent memories!


There needs to be many precautions in place when planning for your event. An overarching key to the success of your party is as follows: Masks are a must. By wearing masks when socializing you are not only protecting yourself but also being courteous by protecting those around you. Provide this information to guests in advance so they are prepared to wear a mask during the event. However, you will likely need to purchase a few masks in advance so that you have them available to guests who may have forgotten to bring them.


Are you providing dinner? Seating is a major dynamic that needs to be taken into consideration. Consider renting long tables and have guests spaced out across the tables. Have utensils and napkins already on the table where you intend to seat your guests. This makes it apparent to the guest not only where they should sit but also highlights your dedication to prioritizing social distancing and ultimately safety.


Before serving any food at the event, be sure to allow people to sanitize their hands. Whether it is having hand sanitizer readily available or stocking the powder room to facilitate several guests, be sure to be prepared in this way.


As the host, it is your responsibility to respectfully hold others accountable. Make an effort to regularly scan the room to assess whether masks are being properly worn. If not politely address guests who are unmasked in a discrete and considerate fashion. It is likely that a guest forgot to put on a mask after eating and needed a gentle reminder to do so.


While it seems challenging to embrace all the adjustments that come along with social distancing, guests attending your event will be grateful. Be sure to extend grace to others and be courteous as we all navigate these new guidelines together.