While we are already significantly emerged in this new year, it is so important to strive to abide by your New Year’s resolution to practice good manners. Below are a few tips to put to use in your day to day life in 2019.

  • Let someone go in front of you in a line
  • When in conversation, be sure to look at the person and be engaged
  • Silence your cell phone in professional settings
  • Be intentional to be on time for appointments and meetings
  • Knock before entering a room
  • Return missed calls in a prompt manner
  • Ask for permission before posting photos of others on social media
  • During meals, wait until everyone at the table has been served to begin eating

In addition to incorporating these tips into your everyday routine, set some etiquette goals to work towards.

  • Learn how to make a proper toast- While this may seem intimidating, with proper preparation you can execute your speech with confidence.
  • Articulate a proper thank you note- While this skill isn’t used as often as it should be, having it in your repertoire is valuable, and when put to use it displays your superior sense of eloquence.
  • Learn how to set a table the correct way- Many have tried, but few can correctly see this task through. Learning to do so prepares you to be the perfect host at your next dinner party.
  • Organize your schedule more efficiently- Making time for new things is the best thing you could do in 2019. Activities such as hosting afternoon tea or planning creative outings for your family are so important and can bring so much substance to your life

This year the National League of Junior Cotillions has designed an extensive series of topics to be presented in our blog. We hope that you enjoy these subjects and are able to apply them to your lives.