A foundational element within the National League of Junior Cotillions curriculum is learning to be a proper guest at an event. A key component is being able to enter into the spirit of the party. This means observing all of the appropriate courtesies necessary to achieve the status of being a well-rounded guest. One can do so by engaging in lively conversation with fellow guests or even joining in on the dancing. Additionally, an aspect of entering the spirit of the party is expressing sincere appreciation to the host or hostess at the close of the party.

Recently, NLJC Director, Kathleen Geneva, was given the opportunity to display this concept on a large-scale platform. Kathleen received an invitation to visit The White House. She accepted this invitation with grace and used this experience as an opportunity to present the concept of entering into the spirit of the party to her students in Western Prince William and Fauquier counties in Virginia, flawlessly. Kathleen highlights how she, “Noticed so many social graces occurring with the guests and overall courtesy and kindness!”

You never know what opportunities life may present you, so it is critical to have proper etiquette skills available for any social situation.