Crowdfunding is a new trend of people giving to fundraising efforts on the internet, mainly  It is important to remember the proper etiquette of asking for donations using the power of social media to raise money for your cause.

Giver- Give to causes you know are worthy.  Make sure you do your research.  Social media has opened the door for bad behavior on

Receiver- Honeymoon, Wedding registry, and funeral and cremation expenses should be followed up with a hand written note.  There is a button that can be used to thank people that may give to your cause that you do not personally know.  The button gives you the option to personalize the message.  Never put the GoFundme information in your formal wedding invitation. Post the information on a couples wedding website or include in the shower invitation.

Common questions:
-Is there ever an occasion when it is OK to ask for money?
Yes.  Examples- Honeymoon, Wedding register, and funeral and cremation expenses

-Is it acceptable to ask for money for a honeymoon when people get married instead of gifts?

-If there is some sort of tragedy is it OK for yourself to make a GoFundMe, or should you wait until someone makes it for you?
It is fine for you to make yourself a GoFundMe.