• Always address sensitive topics or conversations via private message in order to avoid petty confrontation.
  • Venting is never appropriate for Facebook.
  • When others comment on your posts, be sure to reply when necessary, especially when a question is asked.
  • When viewing other people’s pages, avoid commenting on all of their posts.
  • Never make friend requests to strangers. Although it may be seen as a sense of status, having a large amount of “fake” friends is inappropriate and in some cases embarrassing.
  • Never tag your friends in photos that could be seen as improper or awkward.
  • Try not to be a part of long chain posts. They clutter up the news feed of your followers and tend to become an annoyance when they are repetitive.
  • Never use Facebook or other forms of social media to single out an individual. This is highly disrespectful to that person and also to those who view that post.
  • Never post something embarrassing on a friends page.

The likelihood of college admissions or employers checking your Facebook is growing!  It is important to know and understand that your Facebook persona reflects on your actual personality and how you are perceived.