Hosting a Holiday Dinner:

  • Always present your guests with a timely invitation, which allows them the necessary time to make plans to attend.
  • Make sure your home is kept clean and tidy.
  • Before planning your menu, always communicate with your guests to see if there are any dishes that they cannot eat.
  • Always prepare an abundance of food.
  • Guests tend to dress up for the holidays, so if you intend to serve oeuvres, avoid dishes that can make a mess and spoil their clothing.
  • Provide place cards to avoid unwanted conflict and ensure a harmonious meal.
  • If you have children in attendance, a children’s table is effective in assuring that everyone is together while allowing the adults to be immersed in the conversation.
  • Never wash the dishes before your guests leave.

Being a Guest at a Holiday Dinner:

  • Never attend a Holiday dinner empty handed. Even if your host assures you that it is not necessary, some form of gift is a kind and meaningful gesture.
  • Never change your plans at the last minute and ruin all that your host has planned.
  • Always offer to help clean up after the meal has come to an end.
  • As a guest, it is important to keep an upbeat mood. Never leave the table abruptly or when the conversation comes to a sudden halt.
  • Be willing to help in any possible way.
  • Dress in a respectable and well-groomed manner, one that will be appropriate in the eyes of the host.
  • No matter how far your commute is, make being on time precedent. Be respectable of what dishes are prepared, even if do not find them appetizing.
  • Remain open to the traditions that are carried out at the dinner and do your best to participate.
  • Be sure to make it a priority to thank your host.
  • A handwritten thank-you note is a timeless and polite way to express your gratitude for the Holiday dinner.