We have all had an experience where we have called someone, and they were unable to answer. But were you prepared to leave a proper message when being prompted to leave a voicemail? While it can be nerve-racking and cause us to fumble our words, mastering the art of a well-articulated voicemail can say a lot about you. Read more to learn how to master leaving an excellent voicemail.


The first step of navigating a voicemail is knowing what instances are appropriate for leaving a voicemail. A voicemail is fitting for situations where you only need to communicate limited information. However, if the matter is lengthier, it is proper to highlight the complexity of the desired conversation briefly in the voicemail. You should then request for that individual to return the call at a more suitable time. If you call and they do not answer, do not utilize their voicemail merely to tell the person that they missed your call!  Additionally, you should not bombard their voicemail box with complex schedules or overwhelming amounts of detail.


When you leave the voicemail, directly state your first and last name. Furthermore, depending on the context or reason for which you are calling, you may also want to include your company name and job title. It is also helpful to list out the best phone number for the individual to call you on to ensure that they have all the necessary means to get back to you after missing your call.


Once these details have been mentioned, be precise when developing the main body of the message. While it is easy to ramble and include lots of information, be intentional about staying on topic. The best voicemails are brief but informative without being overly consuming. Provide a general statement on why you called. This section should be no longer than two sentences. Then, politely request that they return your call. Lastly, provide a timeframe that will prompt the individual to return your call promptly.


In today’s world, authenticity and professionalism allow individuals to stand out more precisely. While a voicemail may be a brief recording, it can also make a big impact on the recipient of the voicemail. The next time you are left with the impromptu, “Leave a message,” reference these tips to ensure you make a lasting impression.