Cell Phones

Using a cell phone during the ceremony or while seated at the dinner table during the reception is not appropriate, this includes taking photos. This is very distracting to others.  This is a time when you should be engaged in the ceremony or in polite conversations at dinner. A good time to take photos is while people are transitioning from the ceremony to the reception, after dinner, or while dancing.

iPad Etiquette

Do not use your iPad or other large electronic devices to take photos at a wedding. These are best kept at home.

Selfie Sticks

When it comes to selfie sticks, it is never appropriate to use these during the ceremony or at the dinner table during the reception.  The dance floor would be the only place these are welcome.

Posting and Tagging

A good rule of thumb when it comes to posting pictures or tagging someone is to simply ask their permission.

Unplugged Weddings

The word unplugged means no cell phones, including taking photos at a wedding.  The photography is best left to the professionals and the engaging to the guests. This preference could be a simple desire on behalf of the guests or hosts, or an agreement with the photographer or venue. Nonetheless, all guests should comply if there is an unplugged request at a wedding.  If you must take a call, leave the reception and return when you are finished with the call.  The request for an unplugged wedding should be subtle.  You could include the request on your wedding website or have your officiant make the request at the beginning of your ceremony.