As spring arrives, not only does it bring April showers and May flowers, but also new beginnings. Spring is the predominant time for showers of brides who are preparing for their weddings. For a host, these events can be stressful and busy, but incorporating proper etiquette can make this joyous event a little less hectic.

The key to a successful shower is to know the basic “rules” of a bridal shower. This helps to ensure that the event is well organized and is carried out in a graceful manner. Typically, the maid of honor holds the responsibility of organizing this event. All of the major and minor details are under the rule of the maid of honor. From invites to themes and activities, she is responsible for carrying out an event that is effective in “showering” the bride before her big day.

  • Who- One of the most important elements of the occasion is the guest list. This list should be limited to close friends and family.  Never invite someone who is not on the guest list for the wedding. Although bridal showers are primarily for adults, it is the bride’s decision as to whether or not she would like to have children at her shower. Although these are the boundaries, the bride and host ultimately are to decide the general size of the event.
  • When- The purpose of the shower is to help the bride prepare for her new life with her future spouse. With this in mind, it is important to plan the shower at least 2 to 6 months prior to the day she says, “I do.” This allows the bride to avoid being overwhelmed by all the events that take place leading up to the wedding day.
  • Where- The shower can be held in her hometown in a friend or family member’s home, if the bride still lives close to home. It is perfectly acceptable to allow the location of the party to be a country club or a nice restaurant. A shower is intended to be eloquent and dignified; therefore the venue should reflect this standard.
  • What- For the guests, it is proper etiquette to bring a gift to the bridal shower. This gift can either be a personally selected item or an item from the couple’s registry list. Either is acceptable. Upon receiving gifts during the shower, it is the maid of honor’s responsibility to take notes. Recording these gifts and their givers will alleviate stress from the bride as she writes personal thank you notes to her guests.

Although planning any significant event can be very troubling, following these simple etiquette rules allows a host to be better equipped in constructing a memorable shower.