Some people may believe “a good education, good connections, and a good suit” are all we need to succeed, but they have forgotten an essential ingredient, good manners. That is what produces better jobs, better clients, and better relationships.

Although one may have impressive credentials, without equal social skills, their career cannot meet its full potential. Lacking social graces can cost an individual several job opportunities or promotions. Displaying rudeness, arrogance, or selfishness in front of a coworker or boss can be detrimental in the corporate world. That is why it is so important to be informed of these business etiquette tips and put them into practice when you find yourself in a corporate atmosphere.

1. When introducing yourself, state your full name to the individual or group.
2. A handshake is, and will always be, the professional standard when greeting someone.
3. Never enter a fellow coworker’s work space unannounced.
4. Always avoid eavesdropping on other workers around you.
5. Make an effort to eliminate phone usage while engaged in a meeting.
6. Work to keep your personal work space clean and tidy.
7. When communicating with others, never say something in an email you would not say to the recipient’s face.
8. It is essential to arrive to business meetings on time whether they are face to face or virtual.
9. When “special guests” come to visit the office, take extra time out of your schedule to make them feel welcomed.
10. Always dress professionally in attire that appears clean and crisp.
11. Communication is crucial, and this includes being an effective listener.
12. Correspondence in the form of a personal note is a valuable and timeless gesture.