In a society that is centered around social media rather than actually being social, welcoming new individuals into your neighborhood is practically unheard of. Although it has been a common gesture over the past several decades, being hospitable to newcomers has been somewhat placed on the back burner. To avoid conforming to this unfortunate trend, the next time you experience new neighbors on your street, try these etiquette tips to help make a valuable first impression.

Although it may seem backwards, it is not impolite to stop by unannounced to your new neighbor’s home upon their arrival. Do remember to make your visit short and to the point. Introduce yourself and offer to be of help in any way. In some cases, it is even appropriate to leave your number and allow them to call if they need any information about the area or simply need extra help with the move.

Another common gesture is to present your neighbor with some form of house warming gift. Whether it is a freshly baked pie or a simple décor gift, it is polite to show them that you are happy that they are here. Flowers are a very welcoming gift that are typical but appreciated. The intention of the gift is not for it to be expensive but rather sincere.

Moving can be a busy and chaotic experience. Take some of the stress off of the new kids on the block by simply being a good neighbor.