One of the best summer activities is being surrounded by your family and friends and simply enjoying a nice BBQ.  Even though this is an informal event, it is important to remember your manners. Whether you are the host or a guest, apply these etiquette tips when at your next BBQ.

Hosting a BBQ:

  • Typically invitations are not necessary but can sometimes be helpful for an accurate head count.
  • Be sure that your back patio or deck is clean and ready.
  • Make sure your guests have been offered a beverage upon arrival.
  • Allow the guests to make their plate of food first.
  • Keep in mind whether or not your guests have special eating habits or dietary needs.
  • Be courteous and be sure to talk to everyone who attended.
  • Depending on the time and location, provide sunscreen and bug spray for your guests.
  • Do not start cleaning until your guests have begun leaving.

Attending a BBQ:

  • Typically the dress code is very laid back, but keep in mind the opinion of the host.
  • Always bring something to contribute to the meal.
  • It is often polite to bring a gift to the hostess to show your gratitude.
  • Never offer to do the grilling unless the host asks.
  • Never critique the person responsible for the grilling.
  • Serve yourself rationally. Do not serve yourself too much when everyone has not been served.
  • Complement whoever was responsible for the grilling.
  • Always offer to help clean up towards the end of the BBQ.
  • Do not overstay your welcome.