As the busy months of summer break approach, travel plans are beginning to come together.  Whether you have big plans to go visit another country or simply travel to another state, it is important to remember these simple etiquette tips when traveling to a place that is not your home.

The number one activity that we do as tourists is take pictures.  While there is nothing wrong with this action, it can become a problem when you are inconsiderate of those others who are around you.  After you have taken the time to capture your best image possible, step away and allow others to acquire that same privilege.  Also, when taking numerous photos, do not become so consumed with the pictures rather than taking the time to appreciate the attraction that is right in front of you.

When traveling with a large group of family or friends and you are visiting various tourism sites, make an effort to be considerate of the space and other groups around you.  It is okay to venture out and not remain in a big crowd with your party, especially when in tight quarters.  This helps everyone to be able to have the best experience possible.

When taking part in guided tours, never speak out of turn when the tour guide is speaking.  This is rude and can be very distracting to everyone around you.  Also, refrain from using your cell phone at any point during your tour as this could be offensive to whoever is speaking.  Focusing on your cell phone also causes you to miss out on all of the interesting information that is being given.

If you do travel to a foreign country, always show the utmost respect to the natives of that country.  As mere guests in their land, it is our responsibility to enter humbly and graciously out of appreciation for being allowed to visit.  Applying this attitude allows you to have a better and more authentic experience of the culture of the area.

As a general rule when traveling, always be aware of your surroundings and how you are sharing them with those around you.  A considerate tourist is always the best tourist.