One of the most exciting times for seniors, in both high school and college, falls in between the end of May and the beginning of June. This period is the most predominant time for graduations. And along with this time of celebrating these accomplishments comes the responsibility of announcements and gifting. It is so important for one to know proper etiquette regarding the events that surround a graduation.

For graduates, it is typical to send out formal announcements in relation to your recent successes. These notes of the announcing of a graduate serve their purpose in the sense of allowing people to know that one is graduating without necessarily inviting them to the ceremony. These letters are often sent to people who have impacted the graduate in some type of way. Often times, recipients will send some sort of gift as a “congratulations.” This is not required but if you choose not to give a gift as a response to receiving a graduation announcement, it is polite to at least send a congratulatory letter to the graduate.

Gifting is a major component for graduates. Typically, the graduate will either receive a big ticket item from their close relatives, or a sentimental gift to highlight this significant milestone in their life. For others who are not family members of the graduate, perhaps they would gift through various gift cards to help pay supplies for college or starting a new life. Your gift can also be as inexpensive as a nice picture frame or coffee mug. After all, it truly is the thought that counts.

As a graduate, when receiving various gifts, big or small, it is only proper to send personal and handwritten thank you notes. This is such a major checkpoint in one’s life and it is important to thank the people who have cared for you and helped you get here. Be sure to include these important details in your notes.

Congratulations to all of the graduates and their families. Be sure to apply proper etiquette as you carry out graduation activities.