The holidays are much closer than we think, which means that it is a busy time for travel. While the idea of facing a crowded airport with hundreds of other travelers may seem unsettling, minding your manners can help alleviate stress for yourself and those around you!

A simple, yet pivotal, way to avoid any issues is to prepare in advance. Be sure to have all critical packing completed the day before to prevent scrambling the morning of or even hours prior to leaving for the airport. Additionally, leave your home early. While you may think you have plenty of time to get there, account for traffic on the way as well as when you arrive to the airport. Several other people are trying to get to family and friends as well and can create a major hold up.

Upon arriving, be sure to have all forms of documentation easily accessible. Frantically searching for your boarding pass, ID, or conformation emails not only holds you up but delays your fellow passengers as well. Be courtesy to yourself and those around you by being diligent and organized.

Potentially the most dreaded part of a frequent flyers’ experience is the security check. Again, keep your ID and boarding pass nearby to expedite the process. Be thinking about each of the items that need to be removed from your bag to ensure that there are no issues. If someone ahead of you is struggling to move trays along, help them by moving their stuff as well as your own.

After making it past check in and security many choose to relax prior to flight time in a lounge. Be sure when you enter these spaces to be courteous. Avoid having long, unruly conversations in these areas. It is also important to be respectful of those working in these facilities by cleaning up after yourself.

When finally making it to the gate to board your plane, this is the most important opportunity to display excellent manners. A majority of people are desperately wanting to board and claim their seat. While this may be the trend, avoid rushing with the masses and allow others to go ahead of you. Never question the zone of those ahead of you, but rather maintain in your appropriate place.

In a world that often disregards manners, it is important to carry them boldly into the places that they are least likely to be, such as airports. Keep these things in mind throughout this upcoming time of travel.