The summer season is the perfect time to get outside, spend time with friends, and work on your golf game. To avoid a chaotic day on the course, be sure to apply these etiquette tips during your next match.

In order to present yourself as a well-mannered competitor, it is important to include a brief compliment that your opponent will surely appreciate.  Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do this after every stroke, as your comment may come across as insincere.  But, the occasional, “That was a great shot,” after tee off will allow you to gain the respect of your opponent.

As you may know, when playing golf, order matters.  On each hole, whoever has the lowest score is granted the privilege of hitting from the tee first, then the second lowest score follows, and as on.  While this is important, it often causes the player with the highest score to be left behind in a group. Exercise good etiquette by being sure to wait on that last player, rather than leaving him behind while you proceed.  Keep in mind, one of the best aspects of golf can be the enjoyable conversation that occurs between strokes.

A major error that can cause much upset during your day at the course is not being able to keep track of your ball.  Be intentional when marking your ball to avoid conflict with other players.  Mixing up your ball can be a difficult set back that can cause much strife and could even cause you to lose respect from those around you. Save the drama and mark your ball well before play even begins.

Practicing good manners also means exemplifying good character by being honest and fair.  When marking your ball on the green always strive to be precise.  When you pick up your ball, be careful in placing your marker.  Be sure to place it directly where your ball was, and not in front of or beside where it originally landed.  The best way to win is in a reasonable and just manner.

Another way to be polite during your golf game is to be aware of the other groups around you.  If you have a larger group and there is a smaller one immediately following you, offer to allow them to go ahead.  This highlights that you want to be considerate and not hinder those around you.

Keep these things in mind the next time you go to play your next round of golf, and your peers will surely regard you as a well mannered opponent.