Gatherings, long weekends, and the unofficial start of summer is what has traditionally marked the American holiday, Memorial Day. Many enjoy their day off by spending quality time with friends and family or even a community cookout, but few remember the significant meaning of this day.

Many traditions that have been continued throughout history have recently been forgotten. It is important to remember the proper way of handling American traditions on Memorial Day.

Here are 6 guidelines of respect to remember on Memorial Day:

  1. The American Flag should never be used as drapery.
  2. The Flag should never be used for any advertisement purposes – this includes clothing, cushions, handkerchiefs or anything intended for temporary use and to be disposed of after.
  3. When the flag is lowered no part of it should touch the ground.
  4. The flag is displayed at half-staff until noon and full staff until sunset on Memorial Day.
  5. Three o’ clock in the afternoon local time is the national “moment of silence” for the remembrance of fallen soldiers.
  6. When the pledge of allegiance is recited or the national anthem played, citizens should remove all hats, stand at attention placing their hand over their heart.

Memorial Day was intended for Americans to come together and remember those who gave their life for our freedom.  Before enjoying the cookout or family gathering, be sure to take a moment and remember the importance of this holiday.