Social media is a hot topic in today’s society. Some love accessing social media in their daily lives while others avoid contact with it at all costs. While opinions and interests my vary regarding the topic of social media, if you are going to utilize this tool it is important to keep manners a part of your online habits.


Most people who avoid social media likely do so as a result of poor experiences or witnessing other people’s improper, online behavior. Social media should never be a platform for an individual to discourage others directly or even indirectly. Never use your social media following as a weapon to tear down someone else. Furthermore, social media is not an outlet for you to promote your political stance. This does not send a good message to individuals viewing your content.


Conversely, the purpose of social media should be to share exciting news and to promote kindness to others. Moreover, social media is an excellent way to connect with people in a new way. Social media platforms allow people to engage with each other in ways like never before. With this opportunity at hand, it is important to do so in an honorable and dignified way.


Finally, here a few simple tips to keep in mind while creating a positive social media presence:

  • Do not be boastful.
  • Avoid posting too much content and spamming others.
  • Never post pictures of others without having their permission.
  • Try not to get overly personally online. Some details do not need to be shared on social media.
  • Always proofread before posting.
  • Make every effort to remain honest and genuine online.


Whether you have a major social media presence or hardly ever operate online, having strong social media etiquette is important.