It is inevitably that time of year which is quite bittersweet. The end of the summer means it is time to press pause on pool days and adjust to a busy, school schedule. While this may seem hectic and exhausting, it is also a time to start completely fresh start which allows one to adapt new, healthy habits. But what does this look like for you and your family? Here are a few practices to implement this school year!

Scheduling is critical. Between doctors appointments, soccer games, and family dinners it can be a real challenge coordinating each tedious detail. Be mindful to always incorporate time into the schedule for rest. While both you and your children may be super active it is imperative to schedule time to decompress and be rejuvenated.

Be strategic when shopping for groceries. Groceries can be a huge expense around the time school starts when there is no plan in place. Plan lunches and dinners ahead of time to alleviate stress and to get more bang for your buck. Coordinating the responsibility regarding meals with your spouse is also essential. Stick to the plan and watch as additional stress dwindles away.

Get your finances in order. The start of a new school year is the perfect time to set financial goals. Make a plan to pay off a credit card bill or create a detailed saving strategy. The biggest tool at hand in this day and age is if you are going to utilize a credit card, to find one to serve you well. Whether that’s a cash back card, rewards, or even one that helps obtain flyer miles, find a way to make money while you have to spend it.

Get your home organized. Inevitably, the start of school means the addition of new school supplies, clothing, and other necessities. Get ahead of the clutter by using this opportunity to create order rather than chaos. If it won’t be utilized or beneficial in the future, then it is time to get rid of it. Also considering donating usable items to nearby charities and organizations. Setting the standard of organization early will allow you to carry it out of the course of the year.

Get your kids involved. Now is the best time to find activities to get your plugged into their school, community, or church. Incorporating dance classes or art lessons cultivates a healthy avenue of your student to further grow and develop. The start of a new school year also indicates the start of a new NLJC season. If you don’t have your student enrolled, visit to locate a chapter near you. Getting your child plugged into beneficial outlets is quite easy and essential during this time of year.

Back to school prompts much excitement and energy. Seize these days by implicating new, innovative habits that are low effort but express big results.