Have you ever had an unpleasant travel experience?  From loud cell phones to overbearing tour groups and even nagging photo ops, it can be difficult to know how to behave during travel. Minding your manners on vacations may seem mundane, however it is astoundingly important in making your experience significantly more enjoyable.

Potentially the most hectic part of undergoing a large trip is navigating the airport. Between keeping up with your luggage, dodging hurried people, and worrying about arriving on time, it can be difficult to remember to apply common etiquette. Be sure to extend the opportunity to allow others to go before you.  Also, after boarding the plane, make an effort to assist those who may need help storing their luggage.  A helping hand is always a dignified display of strong character!

Upon arriving in a new location, it is always proper to be aware of the culture that one is now emerged in, especially when venturing into a new country. This may mean adjusting how one dresses, behaves, and even eats! Not only does this allow you to exercise your etiquette, but it also enhances the overall experience.

A common activity during a particular vacation is to go on a tour of some sort. Whether it is in a museum, park, or historical location, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so. Cell phones are a major distraction. If you do wish to have them with you, be sure that they are silenced and that you are not constantly texting. Be sure to never speak out of turn when the tour guide is providing information.

When visiting a busy area, it is extremely important to be considerate of those around you.  For example, if you are traveling with your family and want to utilize an opportunity to take a photo, do so but do it politely. Never push yourself in front of another in hopes of capturing the perfect image. Wait your turn.  Additionally, it is thoughtful to take photos in a timely manner. Be quick in executing the photo so that others may have the same opportunity without a lengthy delay.  Doing so portrays grace and politeness to your surrounding peers.

Vacationing is such a fun and memorable time. Applying proper etiquette and simple manners enhances the overall experience. As you travel this summer keep these details in mind and your adventure will be much more enticing.